Pusoy Dos aka Big 2 1.2

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Pusoy Dos aka Big 2 1.2

Freebie Fridays!

Check out our latest app - "GirlGuyRatio" which is free for a limited time!


Feel free to check out our video demo/tutorial at:


Big2 Poker brings the classic Big 2 card game to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Big2 is extremely popular across Asia and is known by many names, including Big Deuce, Chinese Poker, Big Two, Thirteen, Killer, Da Lao Er (Mandarin Chinese), Choh Dai Di, Dai Di, and Pusoy Dos (a Philippine variant of the game). The object of the game is to be the first to get rid of all of your cards by strategically playing them in various poker style combinations.

Big2 is a card game similar to A$$hole, Crazy Eights, Bullsh*t, and Winner as the object is to be the first player to discard all of his or her cards. It is believed that this signature œclimbing game probably originated in coastal China around 1980. It has since become very popular in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore and in a number of western countries with die hard cult followings in the US and Canada!

First player to $100 wins!

Enjoy! As always, feel free to email us with any questions or comments at contact@huglifeinc.com.

- Landscape view
- Simple œtouch to select and play card interface (card jumbo zoom when holding down selection to ensure that you™re selecting the right card)
- Play your hand against 3 other computer players
- Tap screen to expedite opponent's hand play
- Ability to sort your hand by rank and by suit
- Game/play commentary displayed so you are aware of your opponent's moves
- Remaining card count indicator
- Pause and resume the game at anytime
- Shorten or lengthen games by setting wagers at $1, $5 or $10 per remaining card
- Tap the screen to speed up play and player's turns
- Select from Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty levels
- Ability to play in clockwise or counterclockwise modes
- Choose from (4) different playing card designs
- Detailed game play and œRules section
- Poker hand hierarchy reference
- No interference with iPod Audio

Future Free Updates
- Multiplayer head to head or playing individual hands within a collective group of 4

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